Why You Need a Bible-reading Plan

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  1. Structure helps
    Or maybe it is just me who flounders without structure? Oh no? You too? Yeah, I think this is pretty common problem. If I am not in a formal Bible study with homework then I better be following a reading plan or doing something deliberate (like a chapter per day of a specific book).
  2. Building a good habit takes time.
    We all know we're supposed to be reading the Bible and talking to God (praying) on the regular but a lot of us struggle with making it happen. Or we do great for a while and then something derails us (the flu, teething babies, extra shifts at work). Can I just encourage you to try again?
  3. The deep soul-peace that comes from getting into the Word often just can't be found anywhere else.
    And if you read it and study it often enough long enough, well, pretty soon you've learned it. So when crisis does hit or the dark thoughts do enter your mind then you're ready to fight with the truth.
Consider joining my Lent email series (It starts tomorrow! Yay!). Every day of Lent (except Sunday) you'll receive an email with a link to a short passage of Scripture, a few of my thoughts because I just can't help but get excited about the Word, and best of all, a free piece of Bible art based on the day's reading. I won't send emails on Sunday because I try to take that day off my inbox and when you're in the midst of a reading plan it can really help to have a "catch up" day. My hope is that you'll download, print, and hang the Scripture art that speaks the most to you as a daily visual reminder of all that is good and true about yourself and about your God.

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