My gift to you: Free Bible art during Lent!

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Friends, I am SUPER excited to tell you what I've been cooking up for you! I am going to be giving away 40 pieces of FREE Bible art over Lent. Yes, you read that right: 40 downloadable, print it now, hang it in your house, keep the Word in front of your face and top of mind, designed by me pieces of Scripture art.
This is my excited face:
I am so excited! Not only are you going to get 40 pieces of free art you are also going to get a daily email with a link to a short Scripture reading plus my thoughts on the passage. This is exactly like I have done with my friends in the past -- we go through a Bible reading plan together and exchange thoughts. So I'll tell you my thoughts and you are more than welcome to hit "reply" and tell me your thoughts.
Here's how it works:
  1. Sign up here for the Lent emails.
  2. Confirm your subscription in your email.
  3. Tell a friend so she can read along with you (and get free art!).
  4. Watch your inbox for the first email and art download link on March 6.
  5. Enjoy emails 6 days a week (let's take Sunday off from our inboxes, yes?) all the way until Easter Sunday, April 21.
But what if I see this post too late and Lent has already started?
Girlfriend, sign up anyway! The daily emails will pick up right up on the day you sign up and at the end of Lent I will send out a way to download all 40 pieces of art as one tidy bundle. So you won't miss out on any of the free art. Pinkie promise!
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40 Free Bible Art Downloads During Lent

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