Card Writing Workshops

Looking for an inspirational and fun activity for a group? I am so pleased to now offer Card Writing Workshops!

Participants will discover how the ministry of mail can be fit into their busy lives. They’ll be inspired to use the power of words to share joy and encouragement. I'll share tips on writing letters and creative writing prompts. Everyone will leave the workshop with at least one ready-to-mail note.

First image shows a woman holding an envelope standing near a large mailbox, second image shows a hand writing an open greeting card, third image shows two people standing near a greeting card display

Possible topics:
Making the ministry of mail a habit
Thank you notes / gratitude letters
• Reflecting on the women who mothered you
Writing to your children/grandchildren
Valentines for everyone
Christmas cards
Writing sympathy cards

Please contact me at to check date availability and discuss the size and needs of your group. We can also chat about the theme of your event and customize a topic to suit.

Current pricing is for workshops located within a 30-mile radius of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Choose between group sizes of up to 25 or up to 50.

If you need something different custom pricing is available.