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Hello, loves! If you're someone who is rather protective of her time and her inbox (abd I totally get that) then you might have been hesitating about whether or not to commit to the Lent email series I am offering.

Should I sign up?

To save you some decision-making angst I have decided to show you exactly what a Lent email looks like. The graphic below is an exact copy of yesterday's email. Yep, I am showing you exactly what you'll see in your inbox if you sign up! Well, almost exactly. The real deal will obviously be a lot easier to read. emailsample-300dpi.png

But Lent has already started!

And don't feel bad about missing the first 6 days of Lent and free art. First, we aren't aiming for perfection here. Let's be gentle on ourselves and do the best we can. If you don't already have a strong daily Bible-reading habit, then starting tomorrow is better than not starting at all. Pay no mind to the calendar, friends.

What about the art I missed?

Second, you won't miss any of the art. I am going to make all 40 pieces available to download after Easter. So don't fuss with me that you're too late to sign up. It is just not a thing!

I want to hear from you!

Being on my email list gives you direct access to me and my inbox so we can talk Bible and art. My heart is for you to have God's powerful Word prominent in your life and in your home. To do that I need to know exactly what you're looking for! I want to hear all about your favorite verses and favorite colors. You get a say in what I make next! PS If you're interested in the photographer who did my headshot, check out Anna Ink Creative of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She's a joy to work with!

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