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Power and Peace Design owner Amanda Bridle with a collection of Christian greeting cards

My name is Amanda and I am the artist and entrepreneur behind the scenes at Power and Peace Design. 

Got a minute? Because I have a story for you about returning to my true self and discovering why beauty truly matters – even to God.

Your kid self = your true self

child wearing headphones drawing with markers

I have always been an artist. I was the kid with a fat sketchbook who gloried in a fresh pack of markers bursting with color. In third grade I declared I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

And I did. Actually, I became a graphic designer. Which is still an artist but one who combines graphic elements with type to communicate a specific message. 

God issues an unexpected challenge

I loved my work but I was also feeling a sense that God was calling me to set it aside. This scared me. A lot. I had never pictured myself as a full-time at-home parent. I finally obeyed the prompting to quit my job when I was mom to two kiddos. It was a good job that I had loved.  

short haired woman smiling at camera, holding small child whose face is turned away

A year later we added our third child to the family and the next years passed in a generally pleasant blur of nursing, naptimes, storytime at the library, and pushing a stroller around the neighborhood. Then my baby grew up and started preschool. Suddenly I was about to have a lot more time on my hands but I didn’t feel at all sure about heading back to the office.

Does beauty matter?

At the same time I was facing a bit of an identity crisis over my gifts. I started to doubt that beauty was all that important. And if beauty didn’t matter then neither did my creative gifts. I wanted to use my time well and be useful to God. How was I going to do that?

Holy Spirit answers me

The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground--trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food (Genesis 2:9)

As a creator, God intentionally chose to include beauty in His design. He could have made very functional and very plain trees. But in His thoughtful design He deliberately made them “pleasing to the eye.” If you’ve ever stepped outside you will see beauty in His created world all around you. 

trees in autumn with leaves of gold and orange

Suddenly I realized that beauty wasn’t a luxury or a waste of effort. Beauty was a part of creation and a part of us. As beings created in God’s image we naturally appreciate, and thrive in, the presence of beauty.

Using your gifts = obedience to God

Further, my God was the one who gave me my creative gifts. To not use my gifts is an insult to the One who deliberately placed them in me. Now my idea to start a business creating Bible verse art and stationery seemed like the logical next step for my life.

Amanda Bridle holding a stack of Bible verse postcards she designed

I officially opened Power and Peace Design in September 2018 with just a few digital downloads (this one was the first I sold and it's still a best seller!). Today we continue to create bright, colorful, and modern Bible verse art, stationery, and gifts to help you share joy.

I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email Amanda@PowerAndPeaceDesign.com with your ideas and favorite verses.

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