5 Festive Reasons You Should Send a New Year's Card

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Feeling a pang that you didn't get a Christmas card out in the mail? "Better late than never" most definitely applies in this case! Let me assure you in 5 festive reasons why you should take action and order holiday cards even though December has come and gone.

Reason 1: You have time

The shopping, baking, wrapping, singing, school-program-attending, church-program-attending, food-making, food-eating hustle and bustle should be tapering off now. Hurl the tree out the front door before it drops any more needles and pop open your laptop. You got this.

Reason 2: The best photo of the year was taken over Christmas

Maybe it's the whole fam in holiday jammies or maybe it's the kids looking fancy in front of a sparkly tree or not-fancy but happy playing in the snow. Whatever great photo moment you captured in December can surely be shared in January!

Reason 3: Almost all the Christmas cards in my shop aren't actually Christmas-y in color or message.

I did this because I reeeeeeeeally love bright colors (obviously) but also because the good news about Jesus isn't a once-a-year message. It's good year round. No expiration date or question of freshness!

Reason 4: You can do a clever "Best (book, movie, food, destination, habit, etc.) of the Year" or "Year in Review" list

Oooh, this is super fun! I still remember a family who sent a list of every person's favorite book that year. It was a simple and short thing to write but very telling about each person's interests. Plus, you'd be sharing book recommendations (love!). This would make a fun option even if you don't have a photo to use (I have card designs that don't require a photo!).

Reason 5: Everyone loves happy snail mail

All those people you usually send Christmas cards to are going to be just as happy to hear an update from you in January. I promise. We all love surprises in the mailbox. So show your love to your mama, your grandma, your Uncle Joe, your favorite Sunday school teacher and send some mail!

5 Reasons to Send New Year's Cards

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