Printing Custom Cards on Snapfish

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Updated December 2018 If you've never printed a custom card design before and are feeling a little hesitant on your tech ability then read on for some step-by-step instructions for the popular photo site (the one I have used for years). I would recommend using a laptop or tablet over a phone for ease of navigation. I have not tried their app -- if you have leave a comment below and let us know if it went smoothly for ordering a custom card like this! Note: You will be required to have a Snapfish account or set one up.
  1. Head to
  2. Rollover "Cards" from top menu bar. In the far right column labeled "Specialty Cards" you will find the option "Design Your Own Cards." Click on that. Rollover "Cards" from the top menu. Choose "Design Your Own Cards" from the far righthand column.
  3. Choose the option "Set of 20 Flat Photo Cards, 5x7." Choose Set of 20 Flat Photo Cards
  4. Choose between horizontal or vertical on the left side of the sample card. Choose between vertical or horizontal on the left of the sample card.
  5. Click the teal "Create Now" button. You will be prompted to log in or create an account at this point. After doing so, Snapfish will create your project space. Click the "Create Now" button.
  6. Click the teal button "Get Photos" in the upper left corner. You will be prompted to access the photos from wherever they are. Click "Get Photos."Note: If you haven't already downloaded the two images from your email, stop now and do so. Placing them on the desktop might make them easy to find. Navigate to the images.Snapfish will prompt you to either add the photos to an existing album (how they organize your uploaded images) or to create a new album (perhaps name it "Christmas card"). Upload both the images for the front and the back of the card.
  7. Choose "Layouts" from the far left menu. Then choose the first option that looks like a full gray box. This will fill the entire front of your card with an image. Choose the "Layouts" tab from the far left column. Then choose the full gray box to fill the front of your card with an image.
  8. Navigate to the back of the card. Also choose the full photo layout here. howto-snapfish09
  9. Return to the previously uploaded photos by selecting "Photos" from the far left navigation. Making sure you are on the front of your card, click on the image for the front of your card. It will automatically fill the front of your card. Click on the "Photos" tab on the far left. Then choose the photo you want to use on the front of the card.
  10. Click the small arrow to go to the back of your card. Again return to "Photos" in the far left navigation. Choose the image for the back of the card. It will also automatically fill the back of your card. Use the arrow to go to the back of the card. Choose the image you want on the back of the card.
  11. Click the "Review and Buy" button from the upper right corner. Now you will be able to make your choices for quantity, paper weight, and any extras you might want such as fancy trim or envelopes with the return address printed on them. Preview your card. Change the quantity and change other details as desired. Then click "Add to Cart."
  12. Choose "Add to Cart" and continue on to checkout. Snapfish almost always has a deal going with special discount codes so make sure you find and apply one if possible.
Pinnable graphic: Instructions on how to order custom card designs on

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