Printing Custom Cards on Meijer Photo

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Updated December 2018 If you've never printed a custom card design before and are feeling a little hesitant on your tech ability then read on for some step-by-step instructions for I would recommend using a laptop or tablet over a phone for ease of navigation. There is a guest checkout option available. However, without setting up an online account you won't be able to track your order. Note: For those of you not in the midwest, Meijer is a huge grocery store that also has everything else you might need (hardware, clothes and shoes, pet supplies, etc.). Basically, it's the same concept as a Super Wal-mart.
  1. Head to
  2. Select "cards" from top menu bar Choose cards from top menu bar
  3. Use the navigation found on the left side of the webpage to choose "Design Your Own." I found this under the heading "Holiday" and again under the heading "Occassion." Choose "Design Your Own" from the left menu under the heading "Holiday"
  4. Choose the correct product. To print Christmas cards from Power and Peace Design you will choose either the horizontal or vertical version of "5x7 Premium Cardstock 115lb. Double Sided Card with Envelope." Select the appropriately sized card. Also make sure to choose between horizontal or vertical.
  5. Choose your quantity. Choose the quantity desired from the choices listed.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and hit the "Get Started" button.
  7. Now you will have the option to log in if you are a previous customer, create an account, or check a box and continue with a guest checkout.
  8. This is the step where you will upload your photos to the website.If you don't have the two JPG files I sent you downloaded and saved onto your computer take a minute to do so now. You might find it helpful to save them on your desktop so you can find them quickly.Choose the method that you are most comfortable with. You can drag the image for the front of your card directly onto the website. Or you can choose to browse images and navigate to the correct file. Add your photos to the project by either dragging and dropping or browsing to the location of the files.
  9. Choose the images for the both the front and the back of the card and then hit "done."
  10. Now you will be brought to a new screen where you can design your card. Click on the front of the card to edit it. You will notice a blue border around it showing that you have selected it. Click on the correct image from the folder of your uploaded images (this is will be located in the upper left of the page). Click on the front of the card. There will be a blue box around it when it is selected. Click on the correct images for the front.
  11. Click on the back of the card to edit it next. Again you will notice the blue border showing you that you have selected it. The back of the card is not automatically set up to have a full image. Choose the back of the card image from the left panel. Drag it over to the back of the card. Use the handles along the edges of the image to expand the size of the image until it fills the entire back of the card. First, click on back of card to select it. Second, drag the image over to the back of the card. Third, pull on the handles on the border of the image to expand it to fill the back of the card.
  12. Preview your card to make sure everything is positioned correctly.
  13. Click "Add to Cart" button on upper right of the page.
  14. Choose "Proceed to Checkout" and order!
Pinnable graphic: Instructions on how to order custom cards from Meijer Photo

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