5 Reasons to Order Custom Christmas Cards

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Up until I started designing Christmas cards myself, I hadn't ever ordered custom cards myself. So don't feel alone in your hesitation on this front. I promise it is not as difficult as you might think and the extra step will be worth it!

Coral, berry, and purple Christmas cards all featuring Jude 1:2 -- Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

Reason 1: Find the design and colors you really want!
I could never find the designs I liked on other sites, which is partially why I started my Etsy shop in the first place! I love bright colors and as a professional graphic designer I have strong feelings about quality typography.

Reason 2: Showcase scripture!
Most important to me as a Jesus-follower is keeping the focus of Christmas on Christ himself. I prefer cards that share Scripture for this reason and often have a hard time finding those on bigger retail sites. All of the products at Power and Peace Design are made to showcase the word of God and allow you the chance to gift it to those you love through beautiful snail mail.

Reason 3: Custom all the way!
The cards I sell in my shop combine my art + your photos and text for a completely custom card. You choose the words, the message, and any other detail you have an opinion about. We'll communicate through Etsy Conversations, (which will pretty much just look like an email to you).

Reason 4: Print where you please!
When all is said and done, I will send you two JPG files (one for the front and one for the back) and you can head off to any of your favorite photo sites or local shops to get them printed. Shop around for the best combination of sale and coupon code, upload your files, and print happy!

Of course I am happy to make recommendations on where to print and you know I am going to suggest a nice heavy cardstock in matte (not shiny), with both sides printed. And if rounded corners are your thing, then go for it!

Reason 5: Befriend an artist!
Buying straight from an artist turned small-business owner like myself means you get to choose who you support with your dollars. And knowing there is an actual person behind purchase is a pretty special feeling. You'll be working directly with me on your custom creation!

Plus, I am all ears for special requests. I want to be designing and offering the products you want. I would love to hear what Bible verses are especially meaningful to you and which ones you'd like to have on greeting cards or hanging on the walls of your home. You get to tell me!

5 Reasons to Order Custom Christmas Cards

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