Printing Custom Cards on Shutterfly

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Updated December 2018 If you've never printed a custom card design before and are feeling a little hesitant on your tech ability then read on for some step-by-step instructions for I would recommend using a laptop or tablet over a phone for ease of navigation. Note: You will need to have a Shutterfly account or set one up in order to complete your order. Shutterfly limits the open space on the back of the card; the bottom part of your card design will be cut off by a wide white band with their logos.
  1. Head to
  2. Hover over "Cards & Stationery" in top menu bar.
  3. Under "Holiday" choose "Create Your Own Card." On choose "Cards & Stationery" from the top menu. Then choose "Create Your Own Card" under the header "Holiday."
  4. Under the gray sample card reading "Upload Your Design" push the orange button reading "Personalize." Under the gray sample card reading "Upload Your Design" press the orange "Personalize" button
  5. Choose your quantity, format (flat), and how you want the corners done. Note: you can change whether it is vertical or horizontal in the next step. howto-shutterfly03
  6. After making your selections, hit the orange "Personalize" button.
  7. In the left column, you will choose your layout. Select either the vertical or horizontal option. Stay on the default 1 photo layout. In the layout tab on the left, select either the vertical or horizontal card. Stay on the default 1 photo layout.
  8. This is the step where you will upload your photos to the website.If you don't have the two JPG files I sent you downloaded and saved onto your computer take a minute to do so now. You might find it helpful to save them on your desktop so you can find them quickly. Click the "add photos" graphic immediately below the gray blank card. howto-shutterfly05
  9. Now click the orange upload button. Then you can choose where your photos are located. Stay on "Computer" and hit "Choose Photos." Navigate to find the JPG files you previously downloaded. Make sure to upload both files. Click "Add" button. Hit the orange "Choose Photos" button and navigate to where your photo files are.
  10. Now you will be brought to a new screen where you can design your card. Choose the image for the front of the card from the bottom of the screen and drag it onto the front of your card. Drag photo for front of card onto the s card.
  11. Click on the word "Back" located above your card.Unfortunately, Shutterfly does not offer a full image back. The bottom of your design will be covered by a wide white bar and their logo. I can modify your file if you choose. In these instructions I will show you how to change the crop of your image to at least show as much of your card's design as possible.In the same way you dragged the image for the front into place, do this for the back.
  12. Click on the back of the card. Now you will be able to slide the visible window up and down to change what part of the design shows. Click "Done" when you are finished. Adjust the crop of the image on the back.
  13. Choose "Next" in the upper right corner. You will be presented with several different options and a chance to preview your design.
  14. Choose "Add to Cart" and order!
Pinnable graphic: Instructions on how to order custom cards from

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