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Updated January 2019 If you've never printed a custom card design before and are feeling a little hesitant on your tech ability then read on for some step-by-step instructions for Vistaprint. I would recommend using a laptop or tablet over a phone for ease of navigation. Note: You will need to have or set up an online account with Vistaprint to complete your order. I have used Vistaprint in the past to print some custom baby shower invites and I was pleased with both price and quality. Therefore, I am confident about suggesting them to my customers. However, you should know their 5x7 cards actually trim to 4.61 inches (almost a half inch less than 5) by 7.17 inches (slightly more; covered by built-in bleed). For some designs this extra trimmed off the 5-inch dimension won't make much of a difference. But for other cards, the design wouldn't work at this different size. If you plan on printing with Vistaprint, let me know and I can adjust your files. 5 inch by 7 inch cards on Vistaprint actually trim to 4.61 inch by 7.17 inch.
  1. Head to
  2. Choose "Invitations & Stationery" from the top menu. Then select "See all invitations and announcements" from the list on the far left. Choose "Invitations & Stationery" from top menu bar. Then select See All Invitations & Announcements from the far left.
  3. On the first page you will see that the first option is "Use your complete design" with text reading "Upload it." Click that. Click in the first box reading "Use your complete design" and "Upload it."
  4. Choose "Flat 5x7" from the options presented to you and then click "Next." Choose flat 5x7 either horizontal or vertical. Then click the "next" button.
  5. In the next step, you will be navigating to the images for your card design. If you haven't already downloaded the two JPG files I sent you, pause a moment to do so. Many people like to download them right to their desktop so they are easy to find.
  6. Click directly onto the front of your card to upload your image. A row of boxes will pop up. Choose the first one reading "Add Image." Click on the card where it says "Upload Your Design." From the small boxes that pop up choose "Add Image."
  7. Assuming your images are saved on your computer, select "My Computer" and then the "Choose Images" button. Navigate to the location of the JPG for the front of your card. If you have already downloaded your images, then choose "My Computer" and navigate to the location of those images.
  8. Click the button reading "Next" from the right. After you navigate to the location of the JPG, Vistaprint will automatically place it on the front of your card.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to upload the image for the back of the card. howto-vistaprint07
  10. Again hit the button reading "Next" and you will be brought to a preview page. You will notice the card is slightly more narrow than the original design. As I mentioned before, the final size of a 5 inch by 7 inch card on is actually 4.61 inches by 7.17 inches. Check the box indicating you have reviewed the design and approve it. Then click the "Next" button. Check the box indicating you have reviewed your card and that you approve it. Then click "next."
  11. You will be given the chance to change the paper type and the corner trim. This is also the page where you choose your quantity. Choose "Next" when you are done. Change the type of paper if you wish. You may also choose rounded corners for an additional cost. Change quantity and select "next."
  12. You will now be asked to sign in or set up an account in order to complete your order.
  13. In the next steps Vistaprint will attempt to sell you many related customized items: envelopes, return address stickers, envelope seals, matching notecards, mugs, gift tags, etc. Choose what you want or just scroll waaaay to the bottom and click "next." Click past any other offers presented to you with the "go to cart" button.
  14. Now you will be able to adjust the quantity, apply any promo codes you might have, and check out. That's it! Last chance to change the quantity. Apply a promo code if you have one and then check out.Pinnable graphic: Instructions on how to upload and order custom card designs on Vistaprint

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