Lent 2019 Winners (so far!)

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I have been slowly getting feedback on favorite pieces of Lent art. Combining that with the total number of clicks each piece of art received and adding in my own personal vote, we've been getting somewhere! However, more votes = more accuracy so now I am opening up the conversation to those of you who opted out of the Lent email series. Take a peek at the art that's proving to be fan favorites and weigh in with your own personal top 3! I plan on adding the favorites to the shop over the course of the spring and summer. I will be offering each in multiple colorways so if you have opinions on what colors you *need* to put the art in your home now is the time to speak!

Tier one (20+ votes)

Tier two (16+ votes)

Tier three (14 or 15 votes)

Runners up (I really liked them but the votes aren't as high…yet! Your vote could rescue them!)

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