A most important decision

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bright yellow dandelions in bloom

They're out in full force right now. Cheery sunshiny yellow faces dot fields and lawns and medians and any ole place they please. They don't wait for invitations nor do they expect them. They simply go about their business announcing spring, delighting children, and feeding bees and butterflies.

Some see them as a nuisance, an interruption of their carefully laid plans for a smooth unblemished sea of green grass perfection. They grumble. They buy poison in special squirt bottles and apply it strategically. Or they purchase special tools and spend hours of precious life digging them up individually.

"They are not supposed to be there! My lawn (my life) is not supposed to look like this (be like this)!"

Others might follow the lead of the youngest among us and see them as lovely gifts. Abundant, ever present, luring us away from carefully prepared plans, inviting us to find joy.

Perhaps what we derisively label as "weeds" might really be counted as "wildflowers?" Perhaps the very things we wish to kill, uproot, and eradicate might turn out to be precious gifts pointing us back to what really matters?

What unexpected dandelions are in your life today? What things have you dismissed as "weeds" when they really might be "wildflowers?"

The label is always your choice.

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