Year 1 Review: Favorite Teachers

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I admitted in my earlier post reflecting on my first year of business that I was guilty of overdosing on free webinars from a slew of business coaches. There are a heck of a lot of people and companies out there willing to teach you a bit and then try to sell you their product at the end of the webinar. I have no fault with that format except when the content is too generic to be helpful. So I am going to save you a bit of grief and tell you who my favorite teachers have been this year so you can check out some of them for yourself:

In real life:


year1-friendcoach This woman showed up talking blogging and Etsy and SEO before I even had my head wrapped around any of it. She has been a great coach and walked me through some really hard things (setting up my email address to name one). She is 100% self-taught through the wonders of the Internet and I repeatedly have believed "If she can figure this stuff out then so can I." And I have been. She had a heart for encouragement and having her in my life has made the small business journey less lonely.

Experts on Etsy:

Renae Christine

website | YouTube | Free training series She built a successful Etsy shop selling stationery and now offers trainings (free ones, yay for YouTube) and also a paid course. I have not purchased her course but have found a lot of her material to be very helpful, especially if you are brand new to Etsy.

Morgan Nield

website | Facebook Morgan is another woman who's found great success on Etsy. I have found her teaching style to be very relatable. Disclosure: I have purchased her Mastermind Your Marketing course but haven't started it yet so I can't comment on the details. I will say, it is covering virtually everything I am struggling with or planning to implement this year!

Experts on small business in general:

Marie Forleo

website | YouTube I can't get enough of MarieTV. Go watch this interview with Steven Pressfield. He is one of my favorite authors on the subject of creativity. I've also watched a few webinars. She really seems to know her stuff. She also has a paid course (of course) and I am sure it is amazing but it is currently out of my price range.

Christy Wright

website | book I first discovered Christy in the podcast world. I love her practical encouragement and advice to women starting and running their own businesses. She falls under the Dave Ramsey company so if you're a fan of his financial advice you will probably appreciate her perspective as well. I'll be in honest that I haven't read her book Business Boutique: A Woman's Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves yet but it is definitely on my list.

Allison Marshall

website | YouTube Allison just cracks me up. I love her spirit and style. Is that reason enough to enjoy her business expertise? You decide if rainbows, cats, and unicorns can be on your team! Seriously though, she has helped me think big picture and strategically plan.

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