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In this series I spotlight some of my favorite artists, many of who inspire me and my designs in some way. I hope you find a new favorite to love!

Artist + Business Name:

Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration

Lisa's Etsy Shop:

Lisa's Instagram

Books (two of several!):

Art Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist
I read this one while I was still dreaming about making a living from my art… years before I established my own business! Her friendly and approachable writing style combined with all kinds of detail made starting my own business seem possible.

Find Your Artist Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic
This one is brand new and I am very excited to read it!

What I love about her style:

The bold colors are an inspiration to me. I am almost always a fan of flat colored geometric shapes and this is very common in her style. Some over her pieces feature quilt-like designs that I especially love.

What I love about her:

One of my favorite things about Lisa is her generous spirit. She didn't have to share what she learned about being a professional artist. She could have kept that valuable information to herself. But that's just not her style. Instead she's written entire books on the topic and hosts classes online.

Another thing I love about Lisa is her openness about her burnout and what it took to get to a healthier place with her work. I think that's a super valuable lesson for anyone but especially for the self-employed person. Establishing and honoring boundaries and treating rest like the valuable and important thing it is are topics that are dear to my heart.

Finally, I appreciate her passion and her curiosity. If she's interested in something she seems to go all out! She's a swimmer so she wrote and illustrated a book on swimming. She likes quirky vintage erasers so that becomes a piece of art.

Why not go with what delights you?

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