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In this series I spotlight some of my favorite artists, many of who inspire me and my designs in some way. I hope you find a new favorite to love!

Artist + Business Name:

Yuko Miki is the artist behind Honeyberry Studios.

Honeyberry Studios shop:

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What I love about her style:

Yuko's art is cheerful and sweet. I love the bright colors she uses and the clean simplicity of her style. She confesses that she is not naturally an optimist and creates the art that she needs to stay positive! She is also inspired by nature, which is dear to my heart.

I think something similar about my art. I am creating what I need, which is art that will keep the word of God front and center in my mind and spirit.

What I love about her:

Her emails are an inspiration to me! I want to write with the same casual ease and friendly chatter. I always feel like I actually know her anytime I read something that she writes.

Yuko is generous with sharing her personal artist journey and what is going on behind the scenes in her business. In many ways, I consider her a bit of a mentor and look to her for advice on running my own business.

She also has a great practice of taking every seventh week off of her regular work to make space for bigger projects, personal work, or activities that will refresh her. I am a huge proponent of Sabbath in general so I really like this idea although I have not yet implemented it.

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