Year 1 Review: In Progress

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year1-working What my home "office" looks like these days!
There are still a lot of things I want to do for my business and that you can anticipate in the upcoming year(s):

Offer my scripture art in bigger sizes and on canvases

Many of the customers who have purchased my scripture art downloads have messaged me requesting larger sizes. I get it. Big art = big impact. I currently offer my downloads in 8x10 but I am planning to go back through and add larger file sizes to those listings. It is just going to take a minute to do all that resizing and new file generating so please be patient with me! A big goal of mine for the current year is to add canvases to the shop. I am planning to work with a print-on-demand company so I don't have to fuss with storing or shipping the canvases myself. As always, my ears are open to what favorite Bible verses you would like to hang in your home. The fruits of the spirit keep coming up as a suggestion. What else? Tell me!

Offer greeting cards and notecards

One of my primary motivations for starting this business was that I have had a difficult time finding sympathy cards or blank notecards that feature scripture as the primary art. I am absolutely convinced of the power of the Word of God and I think that is the first gift we should give to someone who is mourning or celebrating. Offering digital products first in my shop was easier in many ways. One, I didn't have to decide what quantity of cards to get printed and keep in stock (or where to store them in my house!). Two, I didn't have to figure out packaging and shipping. There is upfront cost with offering a physical product and I felt it was better for me to just get started already with a digital offering. All that said, I adore stationery and am a firm believer in the old-fashioned hand-written letter so I promise these kind of products will find their way into my shop.

Get my act together on social media

I know know know that consistency is the key and I just haven't been able to keep a regular schedule going on any of these platforms. So I am probably not anywhere near winning the game with the algorithms! Ha!


The one that has the potential to drive traffic directly to my Etsy shop is Pinterest and part of the course I recently purchased is specifically on using Tailwind to help schedule Pinterest posts. In anticipation of using this tool I have been creating pins out of my posts and plan to have pins be a part of all future Etsy listings. Follow me on Pinterest!


Instagram used to be my baby. Then I took it off my phone and dropped my addiction. I use an iPad to post now and it is a more cumbersome process since I don't usually use it for taking photos. I may have to invest in a better phone to streamline the process so I can post more "instant" moments. I am excited that the use of custom hashtags means I will be sort my art. I have been using both #100daysofscriptureplay and #lentseries2019. By clicking on either of those from one of my posts you are able to view items just in that series. This gives me a nice starting point for asking for feedback. Follow me on Instagram!


Facebook is probably my least favorite form of social media and as a visual artist I don't expect it to be my main driver of traffic. I basically populate it with blog posts and Instagram posts. I would like to use it in the future with survey questions. I also hear from a marketing expert cousin that Facebook ads might not be a bad deal. So that's something to explore. Like my business Facebook page!

Tell me what you'd like to see in the shop!

Leave a comment below and tell me what scripture print or greeting cards you are most interested in having me design. I would love to hear about your favorite verses and favorite colors.

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