10 fun things to write on postcards!

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Postcards are the quick snack of the letter-writing world: easy, fun, and sweet. They don't take a tremendous amount of time to make but are still rewarding to send and exciting to read.

Bonus: If you have a young one who is a reluctant writer they might be more inclined to fill the limited space. I know a 7-year-old who wrote in especially large letters and only managed a single sentence!

 hand holding a fan of bright colorful Bible verse postcards

1. A quote
A line from a favorite movie you saw together, the ridiculous thing that college prof repeated, the word your toddler mispronounces in the cutest way.

2. A recipe
Choose something seasonal (jam! pickles! ice cream!) or share a family recipe.

3. A memory
Were you recently reminded of someone? Why not tell them that you're thinking about them?

4. A dream
If someone makes an appearance in my dreamlife and it isn't too weird, I might tell them all about it. At least they know I am thinking of them?

5. A compliment
Something I appreciate about you is the way…

6. A recommendation
Did you try something new that you just loved? Jot out a quick book review or a list of suggested shows or movies. Or dab on a sample of the nail polish color you love!

7. A funny story
Share an embarrassing moment or a silly pet or child story with someone who wasn't there to witness it.

8. A joke
Bonus points if you save the answer for a second postcard arriving a few days later! I know my kids love trading jokes with their grandparents.

9. A cartoon
Even if you can only draw stick people you can still depict something amusing. In fact your lack of skill might up the humor factor!

10. Encouragement
Did a particular verse remind you of someone? Do you know someone who could use an extra dose of cheer? Send it along!

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10 fun things to write on a postcard!


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