Design notes: Romans 2:4

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The kindness of God leads you to repentance.
Romans 2:4

Thoughts on the verse

When you read this verse in context (see Romans chapter 2) you can see that Paul is writing pretty clearly and forcefully about our sin. We actually deserve God's punishment.

But in His undeserved kindness we get a chance.

We get time to repent of our selfish and sinful and messed up way of life. We get to choose to accept Jesus as the one whose unselfish actions saved us. And we get a chance to acknowledge God, the creator of the universe, is the one in charge of everything (including our very lives which we so enjoy controlling!).

Thoughts on the design

I envisioned God's kindness as coming down to us from heaven and wrapping around us and our lives, offering a place for us to exist safely. There is no better place to be than in relationship with our all-powerful God! The white curving line represents this offer of relationship. The small spiral the line ends in represents us when we choose this relationship and way of life. We are part of God, connected and protected.

Thoughts on type

The type is set in Faricy New Light. I chose a clean sans serif with an even weight so the type would be similar in character to the line of the illustration.

Thoughts on color

Because the line and type are both white I was able to swap out a lot of different deep jewel tones for the background color. I even used gray for my neutral-loving friends!

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