Design Notes: Jude 1:2

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Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.
Jude 1:2

Thoughts on the verse

When I designed my first Christmas collection in 2018 I was bound and determined to find fresh verses to use on Christmas cards. Yes, "unto us a child is born" does sum up the miraculous birth of Jesus neatly but if there is one thing I am convinced about it is how vast and wondrous the Word of God. There is so much goodness packed in the Bible and a lot of it is written in glorious poetic language that a word nerd like me gets really excited about.

That said, I did want sentiments that felt appropriate for a Christmas card. That's where this greeting from the book of Jude comes in and fits the bill. Just like your beautiful Christmas card, his letter was delivered to an eager audience (is there anyone who doesn't love old-fashioned snail mail?!).

And surely the gifts of mercy, peace, and love are the ones that truly count more than anything topped with a bow! Plus, wishing those with abundance seems like such a generous outpouring of positive feelings.

Thoughts on the design

I think one of the reasons this design has become a top seller is because of how very bold and graphic the words are. Even at a teeny tiny thumbnail size you can read it and appreciate the message. Being a professional graphic designer means I have a real affinity for art that uses words or words that become art. Letterforms are never an afterthought for me.

Thoughts on type

The type is set in Avenir. It is a boxy, geometric sans serif font (look at the "O" -- a perfect circle!) that works great in this bold modern design.

Thoughts on color

I now offer this art in 9 color options! Yes, 9 choices! So there is one that suits every single style and even a version just for Christmas. Many are monochromatic (I am thinking of berry pink, evergreen, or even cool ombre) so function visually as a single color in your decor. My favorites options are the multi-colored (of course!): cranberry, orange, grape, and navy all come to mind.

Available as instant digital download, Christmas card, and canvas!

Instant digital downloads come in 7 different sizes.

I provide 2 different files formats (JPG and PDF) so you can easily print the size you need and get new art on the wall pronto. If you have a good printer at home, go for it. Otherwise, you might be surprised at the printing options you have at an office supply store. Or you could upload to your favorite photo site and print there.

Canvases are print-on-demand.

This means I don't have a stack of canvases in my basement but yours will be printed just for you and shipped as soon as it is ready. A recent customer review raved about the quality and I can attest my sample had spectacular colors. Canvases are available in 4 different sizes.

Christmas cards are sold 3 ways

Full design card (no photo) – You can download files right away without customization. Or you can customize with a message on the front and photos on the back. I send you digital files to print at the location of your choosing.

Photo card – You send me your images, text, and instructions and I send you digital files to print at the location of your choosing.

Digital print + card set – This is the very best deal and my favorite choice. You give yourself the gift of fresh art for your home and you send a copy to all your favorite people. You choose between downloading solid front cards without customization or sending in instructions to me. Again, I will send you digital card files and you print at the location of your choice.

View the complete Jude 1:2 collection in my Etsy shop.

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