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The light shines in the darkness
John 1:5

Thoughts on the verse

John uses such beautiful and poetic language to introduce us to the true scope of Jesus' identity as holy and divine. Gently, carefully, beautifully John establishes for us that Jesus is the Word, that Jesus was with God at the creation of the world, indeed that "through him all things were made." Reading John 1:1-34 clarifies that Jesus' existence goes way beyond the 33 years he spent living on earth among us.

Verses 4 and 5 state: In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Much like I shared when writing about Isaiah 9:2 we have Jesus as our hope and light and ultimate victor in this dark world. What hope!

Thoughts on the design

This design features outward radiating lines to represent light shining. The lines also remind me of celebration: outstretched arms, exclamation points, confetti, or fireworks: an explosion of happy! The festive feel works wonderfully on a Christmas card but I do think it would add welcome cheer to anyone's walls and might be especially fun in a child's room!

Thoughts on type

The shine lines have rounded tips and a slightly organic hand-drawn feel to them. I wanted to choose a typeface that had similar characteristics so pairing the two would feel natural. I settled on Verveine regular, which lends a casual, friendly, drawn-with-a-marker feel to the text.

Thoughts on color

I first designed this as white on a black background, a simple interpretation of light and dark. Because the design had a festive celebratory feel I thought it would be fun to swap in other bright colors in the background. Last I came up with the idea to create a multi-color version on the black background. This one is proving to be the customer favorite!

Available as both instant digital download and canvas!

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