Design notes: Isaiah 9:2

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The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.
Isaiah 9:2

Thoughts on the verse

Once upon a time in my earlier years as a Christian I thought of the Old Testament, as, well, old. I thought the New Testament was better because it was newer and it had Jesus and Jesus was for everyone (not just Jewish people).

What I didn't know then and I have come to appreciate now is that Jesus was indeed a part of the Old Testament. And not just because of the concept of Trinity either (God the father, God the son / Jesus, and the Holy Spirit being one and the same and also separate). No, instead I mean the way that a prophet like Isaiah who lived 700 years before Jesus can precisely call out details about Him centuries before He was born.

If you read verses 1-7 of chapter 9 where this verse is pulled from you'll notice several interesting details. Verse 1 gives a shout out to the honor Galilee will receive (Jesus' hometown). Verse 2, used on this design, foreshadows the birth of Jesus. Verse 6 is famously used at Christmas time and declares the ultimate and forever rule Jesus has. And verse 7 makes note of Jesus' family tree linking him back to the famous King David.

Thoughts on the design

When I was thinking about this verse I was thinking about how it can currently feel like we are that people, the ones walking in darkness. The list of hurt and pain and injustice found all around us can be overwhelming and even numbing.

However, the difference between us and the people who lived prior to Jesus' life on this earth is striking. As modern-day believers with literacy skills we have access to the Bible, which tells us the end of the story. We can rest secure knowing that Jesus has already won the ultimate battle. Good does indeed win in the end. We're just in this in-between time working with God to restore this earth until He returns and finishes the job. Glory!

Knowing that I have Jesus and that He's the ultimate authority over everything, is a great light in my life. This art is a depiction of that very light shining and radiating out into the blackness without end, just like the reign of our Jesus is without end.

Thoughts on type

The type is set in a clean sans serif font to match the thin lines of the illustration. I've used Faricy New, which is one of my current favorites.

Thoughts on color

I represented light with a pure white. The original design used black in the background for the highest contrast. The effect was one of the the darkest night sky but also perhaps of the greater universe. I often offer my designs in a range of bold and bright hues but that just didn't feel right for this design. The only other color options are deep colors that do occur in our night sky: twilight blue and twilight indigo.

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