Design notes: John 12:46 (bright boxes)

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I have come as light into the world.
Jesus (John 12:46)

Thoughts on the verse

I love all the many times Scripture refers to Jesus as light. Yes! What a powerful and welcome way to understand our Savior. The world can be dark. Our persistent sins can feel impossible to conquer. Our thoughts can turn dark. But then Jesus arrives!

Thoughts on the design

When I first designed this I was thinking about how Jesus' light is our life and love. We begin with our own personal connection to Him. But then we share that with the people closest to us, then to those a bit further out in our social circle.

That light and love we know and share becomes a gift to others that they then share further out. In this way the light of Jesus is a continual gift without end.

This is the outward way of life with Jesus. Life and love extending out from Jesus to us and then to others.

When I look at this art again I am reminded of a gift that's trickily wrapped. You unwrap and open one box only to discover another inside. You open and unwrap again and find another box. And so on and son on. I think our friendship with Jesus can be like this. Not that He's hiding and we can't ever get to Him but instead that there are always more gifts to be discovered.

This is the inward way of life with Jesus. There's more of Him and His light and love the deeper we go in our Bible study and prayer life.

Thoughts on type

The type is set in Futura Light. Futura is one of my favorite sans serif fonts. It is very clean and geometric (the dot of the "i" is a perfect circle -- delightful!). The geometry of this typeface works well with the sharp corners of the nested boxes.

Thoughts on color

Creating color combos is my very favorite thing to do. You can tell I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise with this design.

Available as both instant digital download and canvas!

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