Christmas in July!

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Friends, just as summer heats up your dear planner artist turned business owner is mapping out her next 6 months and that means Christmas!

Yes, you read that right. I am already thinking about designing additional Christmas card designs. And along with that an Advent series of emails where you can once again indulge in free art (yay!). Except this time, I want to get that art done ahead of time (makes so much sense, yes?).

Christmas verses

So here's my request, dear friends, I need you to tell me your favorite Christmas-related Bible verses.

These could be from:

  1. the telling of Jesus' birth in the gospels
  2. the foretelling of his coming from prophets like Isaiah
  3. the way Jesus and his purposes are described in the New Testament beyond the gospels

Jesus quote verses

Also related / unrelated I have pondering a series based on "Jesus quotes" -- things he actually said. So if you have a favorite quote, especially one you'd love to display in your home then please do tell.

So that's your mission: Christmas verses and Jesus quotes! Comment below, darlins!

One more thing

If you're thinking "What? She has Christmas cards?" then here's your tour of Christmas cards with photo, Christmas cards with no front photo, or Christmas cards and art print downloads sold together as a very popular set. You're welcome.

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