Bite-size Book Reviews: The God Who Sees

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Title & author:

The God Who Sees: Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong by Karen Gonzalez

What it's about:

Gonzalez provides a careful and critical analysis of the current immigration laws of the United States and Canada. She compares the laws and their impact to the Biblical standards of care for immigrants. Additionally, she explores familiar Biblical stories such as that of Ruth and Naomi with the understanding that immigrants and refugees are very present and represented in the Bible.

Who it's for:

Christians who are are looking for some clarity and Biblical perspective on immigration laws.

What I liked:

I have said it before and I will say it again: stories are powerful. Gonzalez shares her own family's immigration story alongside her Biblical research and explanation of current policy. Seeing how the law impacts a real-life family and understanding the situations that force people to relocate is just as eye-opening as the rest of her book.

What I didn't:

It was an excellent book but I felt like it went too quickly; I hope we'll be hearing more from Gonzalez in the future.

My take-away:

Christians should treat immigrants and refugees with hearts of compassion as God directs us in the Bible. Advocating for laws and policies that are easier to navigate is simply a part of loving our neighbors well.

My rating:

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