Bite-size book review: Love Undocumented

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Title & author:

Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a Fearful World by Sarah Quezada

What it's about:

Sarah takes us on a deep dive into current immigration issues in the United States from the perspective of one who has been intimately involved in the the issue. The personal story of her boyfriend (now husband) who was living in the United States with an expired visa and what it took to change his status and ultimately become a citizen is woven throughout the book. Sarah deftly weaves her personal story with the history of immigration, the impact of current policy changes, and Scripture's perspective on how we are to treat refugees and immigrants.

Who it's for:

Christians who find the current immigration debates confusing and want to better understand how the United States arrived at its current policies. Christians who care about loving people well, even when those people are from another place and culture.

What I liked:

This book (and subscribing to Sarah's emails!) did so much for helping me understand our current issues. The personal story of Sarah's husband really brought the struggles to life for me. Sometimes we get bogged down in politics and policies and forget about the people.

What I didn't:

Absolutely nothing. This is a must-read for understanding current immigration issues.

My take-away:

Loving people well should be our ultimate goal as Christians. Current policies make this difficult and perhaps at times even illegal but that doesn't change the example of Jesus and how he lived.

My rating:

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Quezada deftly weaves her personal story of her husband becoming a citizen with the history of immigration policies, current changes, and Scripture.

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