Bite-size Book Review: Love Where You Live

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Once upon a time when my husband and I were house-hunting and church-hunting we felt called to live in the city. Now that we've been here over a decade we've been moved to a different church and we've seen many neighbors and friends come and go. But we're still here in this same place. All this to say, the ideas of place and what it means to be a good neighbor and how that is part of our life's work as Jesus-followers are things that have been on my heart and in my mind lately. So when I saw this book on the new shelf at the library I felt like it had been written for me! pin-bookreview-LoveWhereYouLive

Title & author:

Love Where You Live: How to Live Send in the Place You Call Home by Shauna Pilgreen.

What it's about:

God has you living where he has you living for a purpose. Our reaction should be to live there on purpose, which means making decisions to intentionally know and care for our neighbors.

Who it's for:

Shauna's own story is one of being called to live in a place that is wholly unfamiliar to her but her message is for all of us (even those of us who God wants to keep right where we are).

What I liked:

I love to hear people's life stories and how God shows up in ways big and small. Beyond that, this book is rooted deep in the Word. She examines what the Bible says and tells us how living that out has looked for our family.

What I didn't:

I want to continue this conversation and wish Shauna could be my friend. ;-)

My take-away:

Loving our neighbors isn't always the easiest or tidiest thing to do but it sure is the richest way to live.

My rating:


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