Bite-size Book Review: When God Winks At You

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Title & author:

When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence by Squire Rushnell

What it's about:

Rushnell has gathered an immense collection of real life stories that include miraculous coincidences that could only be contributed to God.

Who it's for:

For the curious and for the ones who doubt God speaks to us today.

What I liked:

I like people's stories and this book surely delivers on that. They are short and easy to read and will leave you marveling at the wonder of a God who is present with us.

What I didn't:

While I take this as a Christian book there is very little mention of Jesus and no direct explanation of the gospel. I don't think that was the purpose of this particular book but I thought it was worth mentioning in this review.

My take-away:

God is here and He is wonderful and powerful and involved.

My rating:

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