Bite-size book review: We Speak for Ourselves

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Title & author:

We Speak for Ourselves: A Word from Forgotten Black America by D. Watkins.

What it's about:

Watkins believes that many of the people who are representing black America online and on television are wealthy, well-educated, and well-connected and often don't have a personal connection to the issues they discuss. As someone who grew up in Baltimore and chooses to continue living there, he offers his own stories and viewpoint as a needed contribution to the conversation about the issues faced by poor blacks.

Who it's for:

For anyone with a heart for race issues and poverty issues. For anyone who is open to reading and better understanding a life experience that might be different than my own.

What I liked:

I am crazy about how powerful people's life stories can be and Watkins does not disappoint in this regard. He is open and honest and holds nothing back in the telling of his life story. I found his telling to be both vulnerable and strong. Reading his words and hearing his voice build new levels of understanding and compassion for me.

What I didn't:

I am not hip enough to follow all his slang although I generally could figure out what was going on!

My take-away:

Reading this is to listen. And listening is to understand. Understanding is to care. And we could all use more caring these days.

My rating:

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