Bite-size book review: The Secret Lives of Color

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Title & author:

The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair.

What it's about:

The power of our daily habits and how simple changes to them can create the refreshing purposeful life we crave.

Who it's for:

Artists, painters, anyone who is curious about colors and their back stories.

What I liked:

First off, as a graphic designer, I have to say that this book is beautifully done. The edges of the pages have a thick band of the color being discussed and the whole thing is arranged chromatically (all the blues are together and all the greens).

Second, the stories are entertaining and varied! You will be hopping and skipping all through history and myth with these entries. I can guarantee you will learn something new.

Last, it is a quick read and easy to pick up and put down. Each entry is only a few pages long.

What I didn't:

No complaints from this color fan!

My take-away:

This is a fun book, an easy read that's a visual treat. You'll walk away with a fresh appreciation for color and all the powerful and complicated meanings it communicates.

My rating:

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