Bite-size book review: The Giant Slayer

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Title & author:

The Giant Slayer by N.A. Hart

What it's about:

This historical fiction novel is a powerful retelling of David's story as based on the Biblical book of First Kings.

Who it's for:

The book is marketed for young adults but this middle-aged adult couldn't put it down! I plan to read it aloud to my 3 kiddos in the near future (ages 5, 8, and 11). Any Jewish or Christian reader would enjoy this book.

What I liked:

So so much!

First off, reading fiction has long been one of my greatest pleasures in life. This isn't reflected well on this blog since I stick to the topics that relate to my business and those tend to be non-fiction reads. So I devoured this one on vacation in just a few days (and this was a busy doing-stuff period of our trip… so I really had to work it in). I wasn't sure how well the familiar story would grab me but this one sure did.

Second, historical fiction is a love of labor by the authors. The readers get to enjoy captivating fiction AND learn things while they read. Well-done historical fiction immerses you completely in an unfamiliar time, place, and culture. This book does so brilliantly.

Third, what this novel does so beautifully is give us a true sense of the actual timeline presented in the Bible. In my recent years of Bible study I've learned to watch for clues on how time is passing. The Bible tends to give the highlight reel, touching on important events. What can be lost is the sense of time passing. The Giant Slayer takes us along the journey of David growing from a young teen to an adult.

Last, there were spiritual truths and experiences that felt relevant to my own life. The God presented in the novel felt familiar to me. The struggle to understand what God means or intends and the waiting on His timing are themes I can understand.

What I didn't:

I have to wait for the next two books to be published! Follow Facebook page.

My take-away:

Reading this book is a real treat and will bring the Bible story to life for you and your kiddos.

My rating:

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