Bite-size book review: Prodigal God

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Title & author:

Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith by Timothy Keller

What it's about:

Keller unpacks one of Jesus' best known parables – "The Prodigal Son" – and dives into why it would be better named "The Two Lost Sons."

Who it's for:

All of us! When it comes to God we all fall into the camp of being the rebellious younger brother or the rule-following older brother. Both are sinful and both need the lavish love and forgiveness of the Father.

What I liked:

Keller has presented us with an entire sermon series on a story that may already be familiar to you if you've been a regular church attender. However, he pulls an almost infinite amount of depth and meaning from the story. You will find yourself in this story. Better yet, God will find you.

What I didn't:

No complaints! I will say I was intimidated by this book and was pleasantly surprised to find how readable it was. There is a lot to think about though so I found myself reading it bit by bit.

My take-away:

The true meaning of the word "prodigal" is "recklessly spendthrift or "to spend until you have nothing left." Keller proposes that this is the very way our God loves each of us, giving absolutely all of Himself.

My rating:

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