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I am going to try something new on the blog! Although I tend to be a rather, uh, chatty writer I am going to hold myself to a simple format and tell you about the books I've read recently. They will be on topics that make sense for this blog: faith, business, and art/design. Make no mistake though, my heart will always belong to fiction! Bite-size Book Review of Platform by Michael Hyatt

Title & author:

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

What it's about:

How to build and use your own platform online.

Who it's for:

People wanting to build personal brands and small businesses online.

What I liked:

Hyatt basically tells you exactly what he's done and how to do it. He isn't holding back any secrets when it comes to outlining his path to success. The book is also very readable as the chapters are short and sweet.

What I didn't:

As a visual artist, I think Instagram and Pinterest are where I need to be when it comes to social media. Those simply aren't on Hyatt's radar so there isn't any mention of them in the book. He is crazy about Twitter so if that's your interest, read on!

My take-away:

Even though the book wasn't specific to my needs I did walk away with several pages of notes and items added to my to-do lists for my website and blog.

My rating:


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