Bite-size Book Review: Nothing to Prove

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I have a long history (well as long as someone who is in their 30s can have I guess) as a perfectionist. I am naturally a driven person and I work very hard. I have very high expectations for myself. This might all sound good on paper (in a blog post) but anyone who has been a perfectionist knows it is very tiring. Guess what? Jesus doesn't expect us to be that tired! And contrary to what we might think, he doesn't need us to be either. Bite-size book review of Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

Title & author:

Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard by Jennie Allen.

What it's about:

Part memoir, part Bible basics, and all love letter from God, Allen digs into the Biblical explanation for why we don't have to work so darn hard all the time.

Who it's for:

The woman who is tired of feeling like a failure, tired of feeling like she's the one holding it all together, or just plain tired. All current and recovering perfectionists.

What I liked:

Allen writes in a style that is real and relatable but she isn't afraid to go deep with the Bible either. She comes across as a girlfriend telling you the hard thing you really need to hear.

What I didn't:

No complaints.

My take-away:

Being stressed and soul-tired means I haven't been listening well to the Holy Spirit. And it turns out I really can leave the hard stuff to God. He can handle it.

My rating:


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