Bite-size Book Review: Imagine Heaven

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I am so excited about today's Bite-size Book Review! I think some of us secretly (or not so secretly) fear that heaven might be boring. This book will change your mind about that! If you've ever had curiosity about near-death experiences and people who claim to have glimpsed heaven or hell, read on! Bite-size book review of Imagine Heaven

Title & author:

Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You by John Burke.

What it's about:

Burke compiles multiple near-death experience stories, research into these stories, and Scripture. He carefully compares what people who clinically died experienced in the afterlife with what the Bible shares.

Who it's for:

Anyone curious about heaven and hell.

What I liked:

I could not get enough of the reports from people who have experienced heaven. It was simply fascinating. I was also really impressed to find that one research study specifically compared reports from people in western cultures with those from people in India, expecting to find cultural and religious differences in the experiences. Instead the experiences were remarkably similar. Everyone reports an encounter with a man of light who gives them an overwhelming sense of love and peace (Jesus!).

What I didn't:

I think the book got a bit repetitious toward the middle. The fresh near-death experience stories sprinkled throughout every chapter kept me reading though.

My take-away:

Everyone should read this book for a fresh perspective on how amazing heaven promises to be! People who are not especially familiar with what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell will appreciate the integrated Bible verses.

My rating:


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