Bite-size Book Review: Color

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Title & author:

Color: A Visual History from Newton to Modern Color Matching Guides by Alexandra Loske.

What it's about:

Loske takes us on a tour of color theory and the resulting publications on color along with their color charts all the way from the 1600s until now. I was astounded at how much history there is to the way we understand and talk about color!

Who it's for:

Color fanatics and painters who will appreciate an in-depth historical overview of color theory and color systems.

What I liked:

The book is gorgeous. The visuals are absolutely amazing. The author takes on the topic with enthusiasm and goes deep. I appreciate the effort made to showcase the design of the various books and publications on color. A bit of history of book production and printing processes also naturally gets woven into the narrative.

What I didn't:

This is a very detailed book. You definitely have to have an interest in this kind of thing to appreciate the text. It was a pretty academic read; I don't think just anyone will dig in.

My take-away:

Everyone will enjoy the pictures. Check it out from the library and skip your way through. Not everyone will read it cover to cover.

My rating:

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