Artists I Admire: Katie Daisy

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In this series I spotlight some of my favorite artists, many of who inspire me and my designs in some way. I hope you find a new favorite to love!

Artist + Business Name:

Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy's Etsy Shop: The Wheatfield

Katie's Instagram


The Wildflower's Workbook: A Journal for Self-Discovery in Nature

How to Be a Wildflower: A Field Guide

She also sells other lovelies like calendars, planners, and notecards (which I had once upon a time but have now gifted out into the world).

What I love about her style:

Katie Daisy is inspired by her love for the natural world. Her appreciation for the beauty found in the tiny wonders of this earth is one I share. Her work often features beautiful inspiring words, as does my own. I love text as art and feel there is nothing better than filling your life with beautiful words, colors, and art.

What I love about her:

When you see photos of Katie and her home and studio you see how very much her artistic style is simply her style. She is genuine in what she loves and she does and that is very inspiring to me as an artist.

Read more:

Quit Your Day Job: The Wheatfield
By Julie Schneider | September 2016 | Etsy
**includes great photos of her studio**

Illustrator Katie Daisy on the Transformative Power of Art (3-minute video)
By Lynn Okura | October 2013 | OWN Network

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